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Pastor Steve Winsor

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1

 “I didn’t see that coming”, and “expect the unexpected” are a couple of cliché like statements we associate with life occurrences. Usually we associate such statements with unwelcomed occurrences. You may recall a rather blunt and to the point bumper sticker that lends itself to this line of thinking. From spilt milk to the death of a loved one, and everything in -between, how we encounter and cope with life is a reflection of what grounds us when under burdens big and small. Personally, the family and I are back in town after being with family for my mother -in -law ’s memorial service in St. Pete. Joanne Trout ’s death was unexpected. No one saw it coming. She was a cornerstone of faith, a constant in many people ’s lives. A true witness to a life lived for Christ. You would have come to know her as one of your own. For all that we did not see coming and did not expect in Joanne ’s last 24hrs of life, we came to experience a whole lot of certainty. Thank you, Nativity Family, for your prayers, cards, meals, and general loving support. Thank you for being a visible reminder of the love of Christ in our midst. Thank you for being the church of Christ. Nativity Lutheran, In my short time with you, I have seen your vision of Celebrating God’s Love and Transforming Lives play out through the care and love of my family in a time of hardship. My faith is excited and strengthened by the thought of all the unexpected but welcomed opportunities to be the love of Christ the Holy Spirit has coming Nativity’s way! In the months to come I look forward to working alongside you and the church council in casting a vision for this great community of faith. And again, thank you for the assurance of being loved in the midst of what was not foreseen or expected. In faith I knew it wouldn’t be any other way. 

Thanks be to God for you all. Peace be with you, 

Pastor Steven E. Winsor

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