Interim Pastor

Paul Lutze

Pastor Lutze has been serving us for just over a year as our process for calling a new permanent pastor accelerates.  We've formed a call committee and that group is working with the Office of the Bishop to identify candidates for our pastoral position.

As Interim, he brings the benefit of his association with Nativity for 25 years while he served on the staff of the Bishop of the Florida-Bahamas Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  He has been part of our transition process during the calling of our last three pastors, so he knows us well and we have a tested and effective partnership.

Though his time at Nativity will be drawing to an end in several months, he is more than anxious to be of help to anyone who seeks pastoral assistance through Nativity.  Feel free to contact him directly via email or by phone through the church office.

A message from our Pastor


Welcome to NOVEMBER! 

It’s first day is “All Saints Day” – a helpful reminder that we are all the called and gathered saints to whom baptism has entrusted God’s mission in this world.  Converging with the Call Committee’s work on our Ministry Site Profile – which asks for what our congregation’s strategic planning efforts have produced – is the congregation’s decision on October 1 to develop an ongoing strategic planning task group. That prompts the following reflections from me:   

  •  It’s the best next step Nativity can take. We’re ready for it. Two years ago your combined energy and effort resulted in identifying a Revisioning Task Force armed with 13 areas of attention needed for preparing and positioning Nativity for a vibrant future. As reported joyfully about a year ago, all of them were accomplished and implemented.  
  • That work was culminated in our congregation-wide DreamLeader’s weekend initiative late in 2016. It provided the framework for our months-long emphasis earlier this year, Sunday after Sunday, sharpening and refining our congregation’s stated mission, vision, and core values. To refresh your memory, those results are printed below following my comments.  
  • Our congregation also took action to revise our operating and governance structure in our constitution and bylaws to provide a faithful but flexible platform for our life together.  All of that results in a fine context and starting point for the emerging efforts in sharpening our congregation’s strategic plans that will begin now as our interim ministry period bridges into welcoming your new pastor.   

 So a great foundation for strategic planning activity has been laid. And I thank you all for what you’ve done to make that a reality. But I remind you, as I reminded the Council as they began to develop the Task Force in its October meeting, focus on strategizing for mission is different now than it has been in the past.  When I began leading and directing such initiatives a few decades ago, we had the luxury of thinking in terms of five and ten year strategic planning periods. Then the pace of change in our lives and world accelerated so rapidly that plans needed to focus on much shorter periods ... three to five years. And the activity for healthy and productive congregational life couldn’t be periodic, but part of our ongoing attention and life.  I thank God for giving us this moment ... this opportunity ... to gather and develop growing consensus about what God is calling Nativity to be and do as it lives faithfully and flexibly into its future.  Pastor Lutze  


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Matthew 16.21-28 Sermon Sept 3 (pdf)


Matthew 18.21-35 Sermon Sept 17 (pdf)


Matthew 20.1-16 Sermon Sept 24 (pdf)


Matthew 21.23-32 Sermon Oct 1 (pdf)


Matthew 21.33-46 Sermon Oct 8 (pdf)


Matthew 22.1-14 Sermon Oct 15 2017 (docx)


Matthew 22.15-22 Sermon Oct 22, 2017 (doc)


Jeremiah 31.=31-34 Sermon Oct. 29, 2017 (pdf)


Matthew 5.1-12 - All Saints Sermon Nov 5 (pdf)


Matthew 25.1-13 Sermon Nov 12 (docx)


Matthew 25.14-30 Nov 19 2017 (doc)


Matthew 25.31-46 Nov 26, 2017 (pdf)


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