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Pastor Steve Winsor

Dear Nativity Family, As I write this for you all, we are still at camp. It has been a wonderful week of faith and community building in the name of Jesus. The following words are a few of the devotions posted to facebook for the Camp Lutherock trip. Peace … Saturday, Departure and Sleepover in Savannah GA. at Messiah Lutheran Today 12 kids and 5 adults of Nativity Lutheran left for a week in the mountains of North Carolina at Camp Lutherock. We are spiritually and financially blessed by many to make this trek to the woods. Thank you!!! 2nd Cor. 9:8...And God is able to provide you with every blessing in abundance, so that by always having enough of everything, you may share abundantly in every good work. We arrived safely at our halfway -to -camp destination in Savannah GA., but not without having blessed someone ourselves along the way. Near Jacksonville we shared God ’s blessings upon us by blessing a man of need who called himself “Heart to Heart”. After giving him a blessing bag, a few bucks and a prayer, we went our separate ways. The easy part is giving the bag. The hard part is to without human prejudice join God in bringing Eden back. The hard part is being an agent of loving change. So, in tonight’s devotion we were mindful of God’s grace and blessings. We prayed for the ever-present Spirit of God to form our hearts and minds all week long to be a people of blessings. Today we blessed the face of Jesus, in a Caribbean man with locks named Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart, and in the name of Jesus Christ from whom all blessings flow, a bit of the work of God came to be, a corner of Eden had new growth. All praise be to God. Brothers and Sisters in Christ, how are the blessings of Christ flowing through you?

Your brother in Christ, 

Pastor Steve Winsor

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